Printable cat coloring page with a cat pun saying con-cat-ulations. The french one says felici-chatons.

Cute Kitten Coloring Page to Celebrate a Special Graduation

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It is important to celebrate educational milestones, and what better way than with this cute kitten coloring page! This coloring page of a cat is perfect for those of you looking fun graduation puns.

These coloring pages are hand drawn. I drew this coloring page of a cat several years ago, now it is time to share it with you.

Printable cat coloring page with a cat pun saying con-cat-ulations. The french one says felici-chatons.
Cute kitten coloring pages with graduation puns.

Two Cat Graduation Pun Product Options

This cute kitten coloring page is available in 2 options:

Are you looking for French Graduation Puns or English Graduation Puns?

The French graduation coloring page says: “Con-cat-ulations” on the top. 

The English coloring page cat says: “Félici-chatons.

*Note that French and English options are 2 different products.

Variety of Sizes for Coloring Page Cat

Both the English Graduation Coloring Pages and the French Graduation Coloring Pages come with 5 different pages included. 

A Full Page without a Title

Full Page horizontal layout with a title

Full Page vertical layout with a title

4 way foldable card

2 way foldable card

Printable cat coloring pages in 2 sizes. One is full page size the second is smaller so that it can be folded into a card shape.
Pick from 2 sizes for this cute kitten coloring page.

Cute Kitten Coloring Page: Full Page Option

Firstly, this coloring page cat is available in a full page layout. Additionally, this coloring page kitten is available with or without the graduation pun title on the top. Print the option that appeals most to you!

Printable Coloring Page Cat: Foldable Option

Next, this printable coloring page cat is available in a foldable version for making a card. The smaller cat coloring page printable is helpful when you are short on time and need a graduation card in a hurry! Or if you like the ease of being able to print and make cards from home. 

The great thing about a printable pdf card, it can be printed over and over again!

Looking for another Cute Kitten Coloring Page?

Lastly, if you are looking for more hand drawn coloring pages like this cute kitten coloring page, check out my shopify store for lots of nature inspired coloring pages! 

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