Simple step by step how to draw a bunny. Showing a bunny eating a large carrot.

Step by Step How to Draw a Bunny: Celebrate with Simple Kids Easter Activities

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Today I am going to show you step by step how to draw a bunny eating a carrot. This is a cute little bunny holding an oversized carrot in its lap. If you are looking for how to draw a bunny easy and cute, this one directed drawing of a series of three kids easter activities.

Simple step by step how to draw a bunny. Showing a bunny eating a large carrot.
Learn to draw this cute step by step how to draw a bunny.

3 Kids Easter Activities:

  1. How to draw a bunny eating a carrot
  2. Cute how to draw a bunny sleeping in a carrot shaped sleeping bag
  3. Easter panda dressed up for easter with cute bunny ears

On this page you will learn step by step how to draw a bunny sinking its little teeth into an oversized carrot. For the other 2 Easter directed drawings can be downloaded.

Preparing Supplies for Easter Activities Crafts

Printable Resources for Step by Step How to Draw a Bunny

It is not necessary to print the visual instructions to complete this craft. Follow the video to learn how to draw the bunny without the starting step. 

The starting step is useful to print out for students. Having the starting step is helpful in scaffolding drawing skills and it helps with sizing the drawing. It gives students confidence to begin their drawing, as they know that it is already off to a good start. It removes some of the fear of messing up a blank page.

The starting step is in gray on the page. It is gray so it blends in easily with a pencil drawing. The starting steps are available in 2 sizes depending on what size drawing you want to do.

To print out the starting shape it’s is available:

  1. On Teachers Pay Teachers
  2. On my shop:
3 Directed drawings showing a sleeping bunny, a bunny eating a carrot and a panda with bunny ears. Designed by draw calm.
Learn how to draw a bunny with 3 adorable Easter Directed Drawings.

Visual Instructions that Show Step by Step How to Draw a Bunny

At Home Easter Activities Kids

If you are using this activity as an Easter activity at home, printing the visual instructions is a great addition to following a video. The visual instructions are great to use when setting up a drawing center in your home. 

They are also helpful if you want to take some activities on the road or simply want to have some non-screen time learning. Following visual instruction and reading along is a great learning opportunity for your kids.

Easter Activities in the Classroom

If you are using this as easter activities in the classroom. The visual instructions of how to draw a bunny kids are also helpful as students tend to go through the steps at different speeds. Using a video can be frustrating for students who need extra time to complete the steps. With the visual step by step how to draw a bunny instructions, students can move at their own pace. Lastly, it allows them to practice reading and following directions too! 

Now it’s time to get drawing!

Steps on How to Draw a Bunny

These instructions show how to draw a bunny easily. It is helpful to sketch it in pencil then outline the cute Easter bunny in marker afterwards. Remember to be patient and kind when you are drawing. Embrace your mistakes and show kindness to your drawing.

First, for the hungry bunny, start by sketching out a large carrot shape below the head of the bunny. 

Next, once you are happy with your carrot shape, outline the head of the bunny. Draw 2 paws that are holding on to the edge of the carrot. 

Then, draw a little curved line for the mouth and 2 teeth coming over the edge of the shaded carrot line.

After that, add 2 ears. Again, if sketching it first is helpful to you, do the sketch in pencil first. It’s okay if the ears are not identical on each side. 

Next, add 2 feet. They stick out from under the carrot, like the bunny has a huge carrot on his lap. Then trace the feet and finally trace the carrot outline.

Now it is time to add eyes on the bunny. I chose to do closed eyes on mine.

Then add leaves at the top of the carrot. Start by drawing 2. Next extra leaves can be added around to make the leaves more full at the top.

To add texture to the carrot, add curved lines coming out from the sides.

Lastly, add little lines for the cheeks, and little claws on the bunny’s paws. I also added a second line inside the ears. And a cute little nose.

Watch the instructional video for a guide or print out the visual instructions.

3 directed drawings showing step by step how to draw a bunny and an Easter Panda
3 Cute printable Easter Activities for Kids

How to Color the Easter Bunny

After students have learned how to draw a bunny simple, it is time to color the drawing. Of course this is your drawing, so change it as you like, or follow along with how this one is colored. 

For the carrot leaves blend 2 shades of green. Start with a darker green on the inside of the leaves and then add a bright lime green on the edges.

For the ears and cheeks keep it simple with one shade of rose pink, or blend 2 shades of pink together.

Add a little bit of gray shading on the bottoms and edge of the paws, and a bit on the face.

To color the carrot blend 2 shades of orange. Start with a more golden orange on the top half of the carrot and then blend to a darker orange shade at the bottom.

I hope you had fun following this step by step how to draw a bunny. I hope you love your hungry easter bunny! To print all three of these cute little easter directed drawings for kids, check out 

Step by Step How to Draw a Bunny and Other Easter Activities Kids

For more easter activities crafts, check out the carrot fraction garland. A great way to mix math fractions and Easter. Learn about how to use it in my blog post: Easter Math Worksheet: Reduce a Fraction with a Cute Math Craft

Easter Coloring Pages

There is also a fun Easter coloring pack available, with adorable little Easter animals.

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