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I create beautiful products to bring calm to your day and to build confidence in young artists

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We provide high-end social media content, prop styling, art direction and more for businesses who want stylish, creative content with something to say.


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I help teachers foster confidence in their young artists by providing scaffolded drawing instructions that are accessible, simple to prepare and easy to use.

Drawing Made Simple

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It broke my heart when students would crumple their papers, unable to see the beauty in their artwork because it didn't match up to what they imagined. With simple steps students can independently draw, and when they beam with pride, it makes my heart melt.

No more tears and crumpled papers

where to begin? 

The fear of destroying a perfect blank canvas is gone

I provide the first step already drawn for students, this helps young artists build perspective and eliminates the fear of staring at a blank canvas. The drawing is already started and it's easy to continue!

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My worksheets become invisible

At the final stage all evidence of the “worksheet” is gone. The initial drawing prompt fades into the student’s work. The student’s art shines through.

it's pure

Simple is

I love slowing down in the classroom, and taking it one page at a time. The results are also stunning and students cherish their work. 


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