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The solar system coloring page that creates a beautiful planet garland. Learn how to make this beautiful solar system garland by simply coloring and assembling the planets. In this video I walk you through 2 different ways this product can be used and provide coloring examples for each planet.

If you are looking for solar system craft activities check out the details below and start crafting! It includes a coloring page of all the planets, yes even pluto! It also includes a coloring page of the sun.

Where to find solar system craft?

This Solar System Coloring Page Craft is available on my shop: Solar System Garland

It is also available on my TPT Store: Draw Calm TPT

Printable paper garland showing the planets and also the sun. The paper garland can be printed in multiple sizes.
Paper Garland: The solar system coloring page craft

The Solar System Coloring Page as a Foldable Booklet

The first option is to create a foldable solar system coloring page. To do this print out the 2 pages. Next cut along the dotted lines to separate each page lengthwise. Then apply glue to the gray sections and tuck them behind to secure them to the next sheet. 

Make sure to check your planet order before assembling. Finally fold the booklet back and forth to separate the sections. Then you have a beautiful coloring page of all the planets to enjoy. 

Planets Coloring Page Printable Paper Garland

The second option for solar system craft activities is to create a planet paper garland. Also there are 4 different Earth views to choose from!  Additionally there is a separate page with flags that indicate the distance between each planet. Distances are displayed in both kilometres and miles.

Printable paper garland coloring pages of the planets and the sun. Distance flags can be added to show the distance between each planet in either kilometres or miles.
Paper Craft Coloring Page of the Planets

Watch The solar System Coloring Page Video for Tips

Follow along with the video to learn different coloring techniques as we move through the planets in order. Or simply skip to the end of the video to learn how to assemble the garland.

The Sun Coloring Page:

Before we get to the coloring page of the planets first comes the sun! Wondering how to color a sun? When coloring the sun coloring page, use a red pencil to draw curly lines all over the surface. Leave the little patches white. Once the whole surface is covered in red curls, color over the area with yellow, again making sure to avoid the white patches.

The First Planet in Solar System Coloring: Mercury Coloring Page

The first coloring page of the planets is Mercury! To color the mercury coloring page, first color the patches with a light yellow. Next add a little brown around the edges of each patch. Then add turquoise to the middle sections. Finally with a dark blue fill in any areas that are left and overlap it with the turquoise to blend the colors together. 

Venus Coloring Page

To color venus, start by coloring some segments light yellow. It doesn’t matter which segments are colored yellow. Then choose a light peach color and color different segments. Blend some peach into the yellow segments as well. Then with a grey pencil, color some of the remaining segments. Finally use a light blue or gray to fill in any final segments that remain white. Again, the blue can be used to blend colors so that the segments have multiple colors.

Earth Coloring Page

The next stop is planet Earth in the solar system coloring page. To color the earth look at a photo of the earth view you have selected. Then color yellow on segments to match the photo you chose. Fill in green around the yellow, and maybe even leave some parts of the continents white. For the ocean outline the continents with a lighter blue and then fill in with dark blue towards the middle of the oceans.

Mars Coloring Page

For mars, start by coloring the segments with brown. In the center of each segment add some black or a darker brown. Around the patches blend multiple shades of red. At the end of coloring mars, I found a reddish orange pencil and colored over the whole surface to blend the colors and give the whole planet an orange tint.

Jupiter Coloring Page

To color jupiter start with a deep red or a rusty brown color. Pick some bands on the planet to color red. Repeat this step with the yellow and brown pencil. Finally add light blue or gray in the remaining portions. Again experiment with blending these colors together in some segments.

Saturn Coloring Page

Color the tips of the planet in light blue and add some into the rings. Next add some darker blue on the planet and rings. Using a dark yellow complete some more bands and again blend into the rings. Finally fill in any remaining areas with lighter yellow. 

Uranus Coloring Page

Color the thin areas with darker blue shades. It is okay if the pencil color overflows the lines. The planet image is small. Once it is all complete it will not matter. Fill in the remaining space with a lighter blue.

Planet Neptune Coloring Page

Neptune is colored in a similar way to the previous planet. Color the slices with darker blue and then fill around with lighter blue. Neptune is often represented in a darker blue.

Planet Pluto Coloring Page: Last planet in the Solar System Coloring Page

Finally for Pluto, color the segments with brown. Then color the middle area with patches of red. Next, blend pink around the red patches. Finally add light blue around the edges and a pop of a darker blue on  top. 

How to Assemble the Planets Coloring Page

Now that you have completed a coloring page of all the planets, it is time to assemble the planets into a beautiful paper garland. Fold the page in half, then hold it up to the window to make sure it is lined up. Then cut out each planet shape. Be careful to leave the planet attached at the top, this will help it stay on the string. If it accidentally gets separated from the back, simply tape it back together. 

Next, cut out the flags indicating the distance between planets. Flip to the desired side, one side shows the distance in miles and the other in kilometers.

Cut a piece of string long enough for the planets. Fold it in half to find the middle. When attaching planets start from the center and work your way to one end of the string. This will help the planets be centered. They can also be slid a bit afterwards to adjust the spacing.

Open each planet and flag. Add glue and then close it around the string. Finally find a spot to display your beautiful garland! I hope you had fun building this solar system coloring page craft!

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