Printable coloring pages for easter. This one shows a kitten sleeping in a bowl with a rose pattern.

Printable Coloring Pages for Easter to Celebrate the Cuteness of Spring

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I wanted to introduce you to some adorable printable coloring pages for Easter. Each of these coloring pages is hand drawn. They feature many adorable animals, insects and flowers! Take a look, and enjoy!

Printable coloring pages for easter. This one shows a kitten sleeping in a bowl with a rose pattern.
Printable coloring pages for Easter.

Where to Find Printable Coloring Pages for Easter

These Easter coloring pages are available on my website, simply click on any image and it will take you straight to my store! There are many more coloring pages for various holidays as well as crafts too!

These cute Easter coloring pages are also available on my Teacher Pay Teachers website in a pack! You save lots of money this way and get all 10 coloring pages.

Kitten Coloring Pages Printable

This kitten coloring page is my favorite. You will find I have lots of favorites 😉 It is a cute little kitten sleeping in a rose decorated bowl. There is nothing cuter than a sleeping kitten! The great thing is that this kitten coloring pages printable is that you can print and color it as many times as you like!

Printable pdf kitten coloring page printable showing a kitten sleeping in a bowl with a rose pattern.
Kitten coloring pages printable, download and begin the fun!

Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Page

The second coloring page is the printable easter bunny coloring page! This features a cute sleeping bunny in a teacup. 

This Easter bunny coloring page printable reminds me of spring times with my grandma. She would often host garden parties full of delicious Easter treats. Everyone would don their fancy Easter hats and I was always mesmerized by looking at all the beautiful tea cup patterns. 

If you are looking for a cute bunny coloring page, this one may be your cup of tea 😉

Downloadable pdf coloring page of a little bunning sitting in a tea cup. The tea cup has flowers on it.
Cute bunny coloring page.

Chick Coloring Page

If you cannot hold a cute baby chick in your hands, a chick coloring page is the next best thing? Well, it doesn’t really come close, but coloring this baby chick coloring page is still a fun way to pass the time. This Easter chick coloring page features a little chick covered in a flower print. 

Downloadable pdf coloring page of a chick with flowers on its body.
Flowers decorate this adorable chick coloring page.

Cute Puppy Coloring Page

Fourth is a cute puppy coloring page. This coloring page of puppy is another springy addition to the Easter coloring page collection! This lab coloring page has a cute little puppy sitting down with flower details on its ears and tail. It’s a realistic puppy coloring page with a twist!

Downloadable pdf coloring page of a lab puppy with flowers drawn on the ears and tail.
Flowers decorate this coloring page of puppy.

Hummingbird Coloring Page

This humming bird coloring page shows one of these speedy little creatures heading off to find a beautiful flower. It is done in a realistic style. I have spent hours watching these little ones zoom around the sky in the summertime. 

Downloadable pdf coloring page showing a humming bird approaching a flower.
Realistic humming bird coloring page.

Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults

In sixth spot we have a butterfly coloring page for adults. Many of the sections on the butterfly wings are intricate as are the layers of petals on the flower. 

If you are looking for a ful Monarch Butterfly Craft and more butterfly coloring pages to print, check out my blog post on How to Build a 3D Butterfly! It is a coloring page that transforms! 

Downloadable pdf coloring page of a butterfly sitting on a single flower.
Intricate details fill this butterfly coloring page for adults.

Ladybug Coloring Sheet

A ladybug coloring sheet takes the 7th space. It shows 2 realistic ladybugs on the leaves of plants. This lady bug coloring page shows these little insects up close! 

Printable pdf of 2 ladybugs sitting on a leaf.
Realistic ladybug coloring sheet.

Easter Egg Coloring Page Printable

Second last is the Easter Egg coloring page printable. This Easter egg coloring page shows a bunch of eggs, decorated with flowers and decorating branches. This Easter Egg coloring page for adults or for kids is a fun collection of Eggs. We often decorated branches with hollowed out Easter eggs, and this brings back memories.

Printable pdf coloring page of several eggs on branches. The eggs have a flower pattern on them.
Bouquet of eggs in this Easter coloring page for adults.

Tulip coloring Page

Lastly is the tulip coloring page. This is a simple single tulip flower decorated with geometric shapes. I love seeing bunches of tulips in the spring. They are stunning, though I find the coloring page version to last a bit longer. 🙂

Printable tulip coloring page, with geometric shapes on the flower petals and leaves.
Geometric tulip coloring page.

More Printable Coloring Pages for Easter

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Easter Coloring page collection!

If you are looking for more Easter themed printable coloring pages for Easter check out these crafts. 

Firstly there is a Carrot Fraction Garland. The carrot fraction craft is a way to practice making fractions and representing them numerically. It can also be used to calculate equivalent fractions and simplify fractions.

There are also Cute Bunny Directed Drawings too! There are just so many adorable things about Easter! These directed drawings will teach you how to draw a bunny eating a giant carrot, a panda with bunny ears, and lastly a bunny sleeping in a carrot sleeping bag! Hours of cuteness!  

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