Printable camper van coloring page with a sliding door. Behind the sliding door kids can write a story or draw an image.

Camping Coloring Page for kids to Share a Travel Adventure

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This craft is both a camping coloring page and a summer writing prompt. It has a door that can be slid to reveal a hidden story or drawing inside the camper van. This is a great activity to get in some summer writing practice for kids, or it can be used as a fun way to report on a field trip.

Printable camper van coloring page with a sliding door. Behind the sliding door kids can write a story or draw an image.
Print out your camping coloring pages & decorate your camper van!

Camping Coloring Page Options

There are 2 options for this camping coloring page. The van can be printed either with or without lines.There is also an option for the camping coloring pages to be printed without a dotted line around it. 

Building your Camper Van Summer Writing Prompt

Prep your Supplies:

First print out the Camper Van PDF from my website.

Also available on TPT: Camper Van Summer Writing Prompt

Other supplies need for Camping Coloring Page:



-background paper (optional)

-colored pencils or markers

Camping Coloring Page with Writing Option:

To build this Camper Van Summer writing prompt, start by writing a story about a place you traveled or invent an adventure. Alternatively, write a report on a field trip.

Printable camper van coloring page with a door that slides to the side. Inside the van is a space to write a story, or draw a photo.
Share your travel adventure with a camping coloring page!

Drawing Option:

If drawing on the inside, draw who may be driving the van, draw what the camper van may look like on the inside, or draw something you saw on a field trip. Alternatively, a photo taken on a field trip could also be glued on the inside of the camper van.

Coloring the Camper Van

Next color the van. The van could also be painted. 

There are 2 versions of the camper van. The first option has a dotted line around the outside. This option is great if you are going to cut out the van and paste it onto a background paper as I do in this example. The second option available is the camper van without a dotted line. This version is ideal if you want to draw your own background. 

Finally, color the door to match the outside of the van.

Printable camper van coloring page with a sliding door. Move the door and write on the inside of the van.
Summer Writing Prompt

Assemble the Camping Coloring Page

Now it is time to cut out the van. First cut just inside the dotted line so that the dots will not appear on the final product. Additionally, it is important to leave some white space around the camper van so that the door tabs can slide easily.

Next, cut out the sliding door. When cutting around the sliding door, do not leave any extra white space. Also, be careful to leave the 2 gray tabs attached to the door as you cut around it as these are needed for assembly.

To assemble the van, first fold the van in half at the 2 dots. Then cut along the dotted line at the top and bottom of the camper van.

Finally, open up the van to reveal the 2 slits that were just created.

Slide one of the tabs of the sliding door into each of the slits.

Now turn over the camper van and door. Fold both of the tabs inward towards the center of the camper van. Folding the tabs will help the door stay more secure and provide more space for gluing around the outside.

Next, apply glue around the edge of the camper van.

Lastly, flip over the camper  van and press it onto the background page. 

More Summer Writing Ideas

I hope you have fun inventing stories or recounting adventures with this craft! If you are looking for another summer writing idea, check out my Instant Camera Summer Writing Prompt. The instant camera is a great craft for making a report on a field trip or for writing about an adventure.

Summer Math Resources

If you would like some summer themed math crafts. Check out my blog post on watermelon fraction garland or citrus fraction garland product. A fun way to celebrate the sunny weather and review equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions.

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