Drawing made Easy

I create beautiful art projects that are simple to follow, require minimal supplies and follow familiar structures to bring calm and art into the classroom. 

I am passionate about fostering appreciation of each supply we use as we engage in creative learning, develop art skills, and reflect and communicate learning with others.

"My students had so much fun using these drawings"


"My Students Love your Directed Drawings."

from Katherine:

"I've noticed it has really helped build their confidence when it comes to drawing"

Use a sharpie to outline and color in images with pencil crayons. Images could be cut out and pasted onto a painted background.

Examine photos to see how to color the images. Observe where the object is lighter and darker. To help support students, invite them to show what colors they are going to use by asking the class to  hold up the colors they want to blend. By holding them up in their hands, students can look at each other's choices. Discuss how they are many beautiful varieties and options to choose from.

Look At photos

Giving the students the starting shape helps them with perspective and the support they need.


Coloring tips

Provide the Starting Shape

Organize Directed Drawings


simple Steps to help you

Turn your directed drawing project into a diorama! It is fun to paint or do collage for the background.



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I'm always looking for new things to explore. Reach out if you have an idea of a topic you would like to investigate with art.