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I was the student too scared to try and draw new things. I’ve been there, and now I would love to be there for your students. I want my students to feel that they can draw anything. To look back on their work and feel proud. To see drawing instructions and think, “I got this.”

This confidence comes through observation, though practice, and when students are supplied with the necessary tools to succeed. 

what I do:

Scared to draw?. . . I’ve been there

Yes, even you! I feel most alive when I create. I’ve seen that magic happen in the classroom too. That moment when all is calm as students are fully engaged in the process of creating.

Drawing can be a quiet reflective moment in the middle of a busy day and my students LOVE drawing time! Achieving this beautiful moment takes fostering and care.

I believe we
are all artists


It all started with rainbows

When I was in grade 4, I remember getting feedback on my drawing saying. “Beautiful rainbows, but it would be nice to see you drawing something different.” What my teacher didn’t know was that I wanted to, but I didn’t know how.

In Kindergarten, I can remember discovering that painting rainbows was something I could do, and they turned out fabulously! So I started to mass produce them at the painting center, and then didn’t stop.

I believe we can all use a little more calm

You can find me sitting on the sofa, working on my laptop, dreaming up new projects for my classroom while sipping tea and trying not to melt any dark chocolate crumbs onto my clothes or on the sofa.

I love to create and inspire mindfulness and calm. Teaching is a demanding job, and we need to stick together in this! If you want to join me in the quest for minimalism, cross-curricular teaching, and all the art fun, I’d love to be there for you.

. . . and only rainbows



pilates & HIIT


almond butter brownies


01. favorite season

02. workout of Choice

05. Favorite Tea

walk by the ocean

art or dancing

my family

07. when i'm not working

06. Favorite treat

08. What makes me smile

04. Self Care Go To

03. favorite place

all the fun facts


pilates & Hiit


01. favorite Season

02. workout of choice

ocean walk

04. Self Care Go to

03. favorite Place

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art or dancing

05. Favorite Tea

06. Favorite Treat

my family

08. What makes me smile

07. when I'm not working


all the fun facts

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