Printable school bus coloring page that lifts up to reveal writing or a drawing. The front of the bus doors open too.

Back to School Colouring Sheets: Inspire Writing and Adventure in Kids

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These back to school colouring sheets are hand drawn. I designed this paper craft bus to be a fun back to school coloring page or to be used as 1st grade printable writing paper. The school bus printable is perfect for a field trip report too! 

Once completed, these school bus printables make great door decorations back to school. With 1st grade printable writing paper it is a great way to showcase student writing at the start of the year.

Printable school bus coloring page that lifts up to reveal writing or a drawing. The front of the bus doors open too.
Go on an adventure with this school bus coloring page.

Where to find Back to School Colouring Sheets:

Available on my store: School Bus Coloring Page

Available on TPT: School Bus Printable

Paper Craft Bus Supplies

Supplies needed to complete the paper craft bus.

-Download Paper school bus Craft from link above


-Glue stick

-Coloring pencils or markers

-Background colored paper (optional)

Printable school bus coloring page that lifts to reveal writing paper. The front doors fold open.
Click to find this school bus coloring page craft.

Paper School Bus Craft Options

Paper Craft Bus Writing Options:

The school bus is available with a variety of inside images. There are 2 versions with lines, either solid lines or with an interlined option for younger students. 

Paper School Bus Craft Drawing Options:

First, there are 3 options for drawing: Blank option, Stairs only, Chairs inside the bus, or Chairs and Windows inside the bus. Check out the video to see the different paper school bus craft inside options.

Printable School Bus Colouring Sheets

School Bus Coloring Page Instructions

Start by printing out your school bus of choice. 

If choosing the writing activity option, have students write the text before they begin cutting and assembling their school bus. It is easier to write on the paper before it is glued down. Once the writing is complete it’s time to color and assemble the school bus.

Complete the Back to School Colouring Sheets

First, color the school bus coloring page. Students can experiment with blending shades of yellow and orange to add dimension to the bus. After the school bus coloring page is complete, cut out the finished image. 

Then cut along the dotted line on the school bus doors. Fold the doors open carefully.

Finally cut along the last remaining dotted line on the school bus printable.

The front of the school bus can be glued directly on the back page or it can be cut out as well and then pasted on a colored background. As I decided to paste this one on a black paper background, I am cutting out the back bus image as well. 

How to Assemble the Back to School Colouring Sheets

To assemble the school bus coloring page, first glue the back page onto the background paper. Press the school bus printable gently and add any extra glue on the corners if needed. 

Then apply glue to the gray areas. Next, use the edges of the glue stick to cover narrow areas on the school bus. After the gray area is covered in glue, attach the top page. It is helpful to line it up along the top of the bus. Now the paper craft bus is complete!

I filmed a quick preview of what the other school bus coloring page options are: interlined, with seats and window images, and with seats and no windows visible.

Looking for Another Printable Paper Craft

I hope you enjoy this craft! If you are looking for other fun paper crafts that inspire writing about adventures check out the Instant Camera Field Trip Report. It is designed like an instant camera and the text slides out the bottom of the camera. The lens cap lifts up too! Read about it on my blog: Field Trip Reports that Students Love to Make

The Campervan is another fun travel adventure paper craft printable. The campervan has a door that slides open to reveal the text or drawing. Lean how to make it here: Camping Coloring Page for Kids to Share a Travel Adventure.

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