Printable paint palette for students to use to make their own colors that describe them.

Back to School Idea: Get to Know Your Students with Color Mixing Fun

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This paint palette is a fun back to school idea to explore mixing colors and to share information about you that is associated with the colors you created.

The finished palettes make for a bulletin board welcome back to school idea that demonstrates the community of learners in your classroom. It is a great 5 min craft to prep. 

A great welcome back school idea to add to your repertoire of get to know students activities. We often ask questions to get to know students. Color mixing is a fun alternative way to learn about students too.

I am always on the hunt for simple lesson plans for the first week of school. This color palette is a fun way to explore important art skills and sparks great discussion about student’s lives. It is fun to see the names that students come up with for their colors.

Printable paint palette for students to use to make their own colors that describe them.
A rainbow lovers back to school idea.

Welcome BAck Colouring Pages: Printing the Template

Start by printing out the paint palette template of choice. One paint palette comes with a paint brush printed on the paper. The other palette is to have the paint brush separate. Having the brush separate allows it to be attached slightly raised from the palette for a 3D look.

 This back to school activity 2 printable kids writing paper options for the inside. One printable writing paper comes with the text lines inside the circle. The second option has the text lines below each circle.

Supplies for Back to School Idea

-Download Craft: Welcome Back Color Mixing Craft

-Also Available on TPT: Back to School Color Craft

-Paints or colored pencils



Printable paint set coloring page for students to create their own colors on that describe them.
Colorful welcome back to school ideas!

Creating Classroom Community Craft

The first step to creating classroom community craft is to cut around the outside of the palette. Then, cut out the paint brush page. 

Draw details on the paint brush. Draw a curved  line to show where the paint is on the brush. Then add small strokes to add the bristle texture of the brush.

Mixing Colors

Now it is time to create your colors. Start by exploring mixing paint, allowing students time to play with paint. Mix colors that remind you of something. Sometimes an idea comes first and then we mix the paint to match. Alternatively, playing with paint will create a color that then sparks a memory. 

Some ideas to consider when making colors: It could be the color of your favorite sweatshirt, the color of the ocean if you love swimming, or a color that reminds you of your favorite holiday. 

Colors can be mixed with paint. However, this activity can also be done by blending pencil crayon colors. Finally color the paint brush too.

Attaching the Paint Brush

To attach the paint brush, fold the rectangular paper into thirds. Then glue the paper strip to the back of the paint brush. The folded paper will add a bit of height to your brush. 

If using the 3D paint brush option, it is best to do the writing before attaching the brush because the bump of the brush can make it tricky to write on the back side of the page.

Welcome Back School Ideas: Writing Activity Options

Once the colors have been created it is time to write about each color on the inside of the palette. 

If choosing the color palette with the lines below each circle, there is space to name the color in the circle on the inside. If the outside was painted try and recreate the same color using pencil crayons on the inside for an added color mixing challenge.

Finally, sit back and get to know students by reading through their unique color palettes. Reading about their interests will spark questions to get to know students. It provides student centered conversations that build connections between students and helps in creating classroom community.

Welcome Back School Bulletin Board

Student’s color palettes can be displayed on a welcome back school bulletin board. It is fun to create art with students as a classroom community building activity. If teaching older students they can help with the layout of the welcome back school bulletin board. I hope your students enjoy this lesson plans for the first week of school.

More Back to School Ideas

If you are looking for another back to school idea check out this Printable School Bus Craft. Students can color the bus like welcome back to school colouring pages but it also has a written component too. The bus doors open, and the side of the bus lifts to reveal student writing or drawing. Read more about it on my blog: Back to School coloring Sheets to Inspire Adventure and Writing in Students.

Another great option to add to your welcome back school ideas is to use an Adorable Campervan craft and writing prompt. The campervans become welcome back to school colouring pages with hidden stories of summer adventures, both real or fictitious. See the blog post here: Camping Coloring Page for Kids to Share a Travel Adventure 

  1. Shelby says:

    This is such a great idea! Do you use this as a first week of school lesson? With what grades?

    • Evelyn Morales says:

      Thank you Shelby. I have used this lesson with Grades 2 – Grade 5. I did this project once on the first day with a class, in other years I have done it later on during our first week together. It is a great opportunity for teaching about how to care for paint supplies too 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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