Paper telescope craft made out of a printable template. The telescope is rolled and glued, and the constellation image is inside it.

Telescope Craft for Kids: Artsy way for Curious Kids to Explore Wonders of Space

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Looking for a simple telescope craft for kids that can be printed out at home? This easy telescope craft can be made over and over again, each time with a new constellation. I love cut out printable crafts, they are a great way to spend an afternoon indoors. 

These cut out printable crafts are great for students in elementary school. It is a fun addition to a space unit. This is also a great telescope craft for preschool. If completing these printable crafts for preschool they may need assistance with some of the assembly steps.

Paper telescope craft made out of a printable template. The telescope is rolled and glued, and the constellation image is inside it.
Printable template to make a telescope craft for kids.

Telescope Craft for Kids: Supplies

-Download the Printable Crafts Templates: Telescope Craft

-Also available on my TPT Store: Telescope Craft



-Pencil Crayons, markers, or paint

-Small hole punch or pin

Easy Telescope Craft: Instructions

How to Craft Telescope

Making this telescope requires just 2 pieces of paper. Start by printing the two pages. Then color the telescope piece. The gray section is hidden at the end therefore it does not need to be colored. 

Printable telescope craft. To make this craft you need 2 pieces of paper. The constellations are attached to the inside.
Print the telescope coloring page and roll it up to make a paper telescope.

Telescope Craft for Kids: Designing the Constellation

After the telescope craft for kids is colored, create a constellation on the circular piece. The printable crafts template has space to draw three different images. Only one image is needed to complete the craft. 

Then outline the stars in black marker and connect the dots between them. Finally color the night sky in a dark blue, purple, or black. Alternatively the background of the printable crafts templates could be painted. 

Next cut around the circular piece, paying careful attention to leave the tabs attached. Then create tiny holes where each star is placed. Use either a tiny hole punch, a pin, or something else that is sharp enough to safely create the holes enabling the light to shine through. 

How to Assemble the Telescope Craft

How to craft telescope. First ,cut out the printable telescope. If you would like the inside of the craft telescope to be black, then before cutting out the telescope, glue it to a black piece of paper then continue with the following steps.

There are 2 boxes on the telescope printable crafts templates to write the name of the constellation that was drawn or to record the student’s name. 

Then apply glue to the gray area on the telescope craft. Roll the telescope and tuck the gray section behind, pressing gently to secure it.

To create the tiny slits at the edge of the telescope, fold the end of the telescope gently in half and cut along the dotted line on either end. Then repeat this step a second time following the opposite  lines. Open up the telescope and remove the crease marks.

To insert the constellation piece, flip it over so that the colored section is facing the inside of the telescope. Next, fold the 4 tabs upward. Then slide each of the tabs into one of the slits. This step can be a bit tricky.

Once each of the 4 tabs is inserted, tug on them very gently. Then fold them around the end of the telescope. To secure the tabs apply glue to the end of each tab, or tape them in place.

Solar System Planets Coloring Page

This craft comes with planet images to color and insert into the end of the telescope.

More Printable Crafts Templates

I hope you had fun making this telescope craft for kids and exploring star constellations. If you are looking for more space themed cut out printable crafts, check out these two adorable garlands: Moon Phases Garland and the Solar System Planets Garland

Another one of my favorites is the Earth Thaumatrope! My students loved making them and then designing their own. 

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