Hand drawn coloring page of a wreath made of mini pumpkins, figs, berries and leaves.

Wreath Coloring Pages : Celebrate the Seasons with Hand Drawn Coloring Pages

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These 6 wreath coloring pages are drawn with older students or adults in mind. Each wreath is drawn with thin lines. Each coloring sheet contains intricate petal or leaf details. Some of the images are created from royalty free images others are designed. 

Tips for using the Wreath Coloring Pages

A fun alternative to coloring the wreath coloring pages is to paint them! To paint the pages, print out the coloring pages onto watercolor paper. Make sure your printer is able to handle thicker paper first. 

Travel Through the Seasons with Wreath Coloring Pages

Fall Wreath Coloring Page

Firstly, this fall coloring page is a collection of mini pumpkins, figs, leaves and berries. This coloring page pairs well with a cup of hot apple cider and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Hand drawn coloring page of a wreath made of mini pumpkins, figs, berries and leaves.
Fall wreath coloring pages to enjoy a cozy afternoon.

Acorn Coloring Page

Next up is the acorn coloring page which is perfect for collectors of nature. It pairs well with a bowl of dried apple slices and a cup of tea.

Acorn wreath coloring page.
Acorn coloring page for those crisp fall days.

Poppy Coloring Sheet

Our third wreath is the poppy wreath. Towards the end of fall this poppy coloring sheet is the perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon by the fire. 

Poppy flower coloring page.
Poppy coloring sheet.

Christmas Wreath Coloring Sheet

Next it is Christmas coloring time! Chrismtas wreath coloring sheet shows layers of leaves and a poinsettia. This Christmas wreath is complete with a sparkly bow! Pairs well with hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course.

Hand drawn Christmas wreath coloring page.
Celebrate this season with a Christmas wreath coloring page.

Spring Wreath Coloring Page

This wispy design is a great spring wreath coloring page. The sections of leaves are small and delicate. This spring wreath coloring page pairs well with a fresh scone.

Hand drawn spring wreath coloring page.
Whimsical spring wreath coloring page.

Succulent Coloring Page

Lastly in this coloring pages collection is the succulent coloring page. The succulent coloring page is an intricate collection of little plants. If you are obsessed with succulents this is the coloring page for you.

Succulent coloring page that is hand drawn.
Calling all plant lovers, here is a succulent coloring page for you!

More Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

If you enjoyed these wreath coloring pages and are looking for more coloring pages, check out my blog on Easter Coloring Pages. The adorable animals will make you smile!

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