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Coloring Pages Ocean Animals : Celebrate the Wonders of the Ocean

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Celebrate the earth with coloring pages ocean animals. I love the ocean! It was so much fun creating these coloring pages on an ocean theme. There are 10 coloring ocean animals that I will introduce you to! All ocean coloring pages are available on my shopify store! Get cozy, grab your colored pencils and let’s “dive” in!

Tips for Coloring Pages Ocean Animals

Print out these coloring pages again and again. I love using finished coloring pages in collages! Alternatively these coloring pages ocean animals as a painting activity. Simply print out the images onto watercolor paper and paint! It’s fun to mix it up! Next, let me introduce you to the ocean themed coloring pages!

10 Coloring Pages Ocean Animals

Baby Seal Coloring Pages

What is more adorable than a baby seal? Maybe nothing. Print out as many baby seal coloring pages as you like. I hope these seal coloring pages bring you joy!

Shark Coloring Page

I can appreciate sharks. I am terrified of them, but they are amazing. This shark coloring sheet shows 3 sharks gliding in the deep blue. If your child is shark obsessed then these shark colouring pages could make their day!

Dolphin Coloring Sheets

A realistic dolphin for coloring, made especially for you. Dolphin coloring page printable reminds me of my dolphin obsessed days as a child. I loved everything dolphin. I still think dolphins are pretty great, but it doesn’t top my childhood fascination with these amazing creatures.

Sting Ray Coloring Page

When I first saw a stingray in the wild it was pretty incredible. They move so gracefully. This sting ray coloring page reminds me of gazing through shallow water and seeing these incredible sting rays gliding along.

Seahorse Colouring Page

I have not seen a seahorse in the wild. However, it is safe to say that seahorses are magical. I loved exploring these creatures when making the seahorse colouring page.

Colouring Page Starfish

The starfish coloring page shows the intricate details of the underside of a sea star. This sea star coloring page is fun to color and collage with.

Coloring Pages Jellyfish

This jellyfish coloring page reminds me of hours spent gazing at the jellyfish when I visit the aquarium. I have to admit I am a little terrified of them when I see the giant purple jellyfish floating towards me in the water. Eek!

Swimming Turtle Coloring Page

Have you ever watched baby sea turtles walking into the ocean for the first time? I will not tire of seeing these adorable videos. Celebrate the beautiful creature with this sea turtle coloring page. Sea turtles swimming wild and free!

Coluring Page of Fish

I never had a fish tank growing up. But if you do, you can complete this coloring page of fish while you visit your fish. Quality time spent together is always a good thing! Maybe add your own fish to this colouring page of a fish, so they feel included!

Coloring Pages Ocean Animals: Coloring Page Sea Shell

Sea shell coloring page was one of my favorites. I love drawing collections of things. This seashell coloring page has a collection of 9 shells. This coloring page is also a favorite for collage work!

Looking for more Printable Coloring Pages?

Where to find more Nature Coloring Pages like these Coloring Pages Ocean Animals

If you are looking for more fun printable coloring pages, like these coloring pages of ocean animals, check out my blog post on Wreath Coloring Pages. They are my favorite. I know I said the ocean is my favorite, I have lots of favorites! 

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