Llama Craft printable that creates a 3D llama wearing a blanket on its back.

Llama Craft: Enjoy Coloring as you Hang out with these amazing Fuzzy Creatures

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This llama craft is simple to assemble. These llama coloring pages come with 6 different blanket options to dress up your llama how you wish. 

Llama Craft printable that creates a 3D llama wearing a blanket on its back.
Learn how to make this simple llama craft.


Where to find the Llama Coloring Sheets Printable?

Llama Craft Template can be found in 2 places:

Download it on my site: Llama Coloring Sheets Printable

Download from TPT: Llama Coloring Pages

Other Llama Craft Supplies:

-pencil crayons or markers




Preparing your Llama Coloring Pages

First print out the llama coloring sheets printable and the blanket template. Additionally you will need a thick piece of cardstock to reinforce the llama craft template so that it can stand on its own. I also used a small piece of cardstock for the base of the feet.

Llama Tip:

If you are able to print your llama craft template directly onto cardstock paper, then you can assemble it easier.

Printable llama craft template. When assembled, the llama can stand on its own.
Llama template.

Llama Craft Tip: Color your Llama First

Though I didn’t do it for the video, I suggest doing all the coloring of your llama craft template before assembly as it is trickier to color the llama coloring sheets printable when all the pieces are cut out.

Assembling the Llama

First fold the llama template in half along the dotted line. Hold the paper up to the light to ensure the two sides line up. Next cut carefully around the outside of the llama.

Then, cut your blanket page in half. The blanket page has enough for 2 llamas. Decide which blanket design you would like to use and cut it out. Alternatively you could color all 6 blankets and your llama can dress up in different ways.

Watch the video to learn how to complete this llama craft template

Reinforce Llama Coloring Sheet

If you were able to print your llama coloring sheet directly onto cardstock paper you can simply skip the reinforcing step.

To reinforce the llama craft template, open the llama and apply glue to one side. Attach the cardstock to the llama. Before gluing the second side, fold the feet of the llama up so that they do not become attached to the cardstock on the second side. This is important when creating the base for the llama to stand on.

I chose to make the llama extra strong and applied cardstock to both sides of the llama. If you choose to do this, I suggest gluing the whole llama page to cardstock initially and then cutting out the llama to save time. As the paper is thicker it may be difficult to fold the llama in half and cut out both sides at the same time, but that is okay. Any overlap areas can be trimmed when the llama is glued together.

Now, fold the base of both feet outward. Then cut 2 tiny rectangles of cardstock or cardboard to fit on the base of each foot. Lastly, fold the ears outward.

Blankets for your Llama Craft

There are three blank templates for students to create their own patterns. Alternatively students can choose one of the predone blanket designs to color. 

Once the blanket is complete, fold it in half and place it on the back of the llama! 

Looking for More Paper Craft Resources like the Llama Coloring Pages?

Did you enjoy these llama coloring pages? I hope you had fun dressing the llama up for Christmas and other holidays throughout the year! If you want to make another adorable creature check out these Winter Sloth Paper Ornaments! I also think that the dragon fly is one of my favorites. Read more about it here: Fun Way to Study the Life Cycle of a Dragonfly

If you are looking for more fun paper crafts check out my site:

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