Printable dragonfly paper craft.

5 Minute Paper Craft Easy: A Fun Activity for Studying the Life Cycle of Dragonfly

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5 Minute Paper Craft Easy

With this 5 minute paper craft easy, you can be ready to build and explore the fascinating life cycle of a dragonfly.

This is a dragonfly paper craft. With just 2 pieces of paper you can make this cute dragonfly. This dragonfly coloring sheet can be printed out and enjoyed over and over again. This craft shows the final stage in the life cycle of dragonfly. Lastly, students can print out multiple copies of the dragonfly colouring sheet to create different varieties that they have explored.

Printable dragonfly paper craft.
A craft to pair with a unit on the life cycle of dragonfly.

Materials needed for Dragonfly Paper Craft

-coloring sheet of dragonfly and separate wings page

-colored pencils or markers

-glue stick

-optional (thin pipe cleaners for legs)

Preparing Paper Craft Step by Step

First, to prepare the paper craft simply download and print out the desired design. 

Where to find the Dragonfly Paper Craft:

There are 2 places to find this dragonfly coloring picture.

Website: Dragonfly Paper Craft Step by Step

TPT: Dragonfly: Fun with Paper Craft

Printable dragonfly coloring page that turns into a 3D dragonfly paper craft.
The adult stage in a dragonfly life cycle.

Printing the Dragonfly Colouring Sheet

There are several options for printing this dragonfly colouring sheet:

  1. Each dragonfly coloring picture comes with the option to have the eyes open or closed.
  2. There are also several variations for the wings:

Printed with details, with thick lines only or with the outline shape only for students to make their own designs on the wings.

How to Do Paper Craft Easy

Complete Dragonfly Coloring Picture

Now that you have selected which dragonfly coloring sheet design you prefer, it is time to color the image. It is helpful to look at images of dragonflies for inspiration on how to complete your colouring sheet. Colored the dragonfly with colored pencil, markers or paint it!

Assembling the Dragonfly Coloring Sheet

Cutting out the Dragonfly Coloring Picture

Now that the dragonfly coloring sheet is colored it is time to assemble it! Follow carefully to assemble the paper craft step by step.

First fold the dragonfly image carefully in half. There is a dotted line along the center to help fold it in the correct place. Finally, check that it is correct, hold the page up to the light to see that the two sides match up.

Next, cut carefully around the dragonfly image. Leave a tiny border of white around it to make cutting it out easier. However, do not cut along the dotted line. Cutting around the antennae is the trickiest spot, take your time and leave a larger white border there to make it easier. Leave the image attached along the belly of the dragonfly. 

Finally cut a slit close to the base of the wings on each side. This step is important in being able to fold the wings over.

Then repeat the same steps for cutting out the separate dragonfly wing page. 

Attaching the Wings on the Dragonfly Coloring Sheet

First, take your wings page and fold it so that the pattern is hidden inside.

After that, fold one side of the wings open. Then, repeat this step on the second side, ensure that the antennae are folded in the same spot on both sides. 

Thirdly lay the dragonfly flat, with one wing up and the second wing folded down. 

Then apply glue to the wings laying flat in the upright position. After that take the separate wing page and place it on the top wings.

Open the dragonfly and add glue to the head, body and the other side of the wings. Then, carefully fold it back on top of the second side and wing page. Do not apply glue to the antennae, this way they can be folded outward once assembled. 

Looking for more Fun with Paper Craft?

If you enjoyed this 5 minute paper craft easy and want to have more fun with paper crafts check out my store: for more crafts, or find me on TPT.

I hope this dragonfly coloring picture helped students explore the final stage in the life cycle of dragonfly. To see more cute insects and animals check out the sloths printable paper craft and the butterfly craft.

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Lastly there are also many life cycle directed drawing packs to study the life cycle of insects through art and observation! 

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