Printable 3D Owl paper craft. It is made from 2 pieces of paper.

Easy Owl Coloring Page: Enjoy Building an Adorable 3D Owl

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Did you stumble upon this pinterest owl craft while searching for an easy owl coloring page? Maybe you are looking for a printable owl craft to celebrate Halloween? Regardless of what brought you here, I hope you enjoy learning about how to assemble this printable owl craft.

This craft is a perfect compliment to a unit study on owls or as a fall activity or halloween paper craft. When assembled these owls make for a beautiful classroom display or as a great addition to a poster about owls.

Printable 3D Owl paper craft. It is made from 2 pieces of paper.
Learn how to make this printable owl craft.

Owl Paper Craft Supplies:

There are only a few supplies you need for this owl paper craft.

-download owl coloring sheet

Get it on my website: Printable Owl Craft

Find it on TPT: Owl Paper Craft

-colored pencils or markers



Paper Craft Youtube Instructions

How to make Easy Owl Coloring Page Craft:

To make this printable owl craft, start by printing out the 2 templates. Color the wings page and the owl color sheets. The owl wings coloring sheet will end up being the top of the wings when assembled.

Look at photographs of owls to help discover what colors to blend depending on the type of owl you choose.

Fold the owl coloring sheet carefully along the dotted line. Hold the page up to the light to ensure that the two sides are lined up. Next, cut around the outside carefully.

Repeat these steps with the wings page. Fold the owl coloring sheet along the dotted line, hold it up to the light. Finally cut carefully around the outside.

Assemble Owl Coloring Sheet

To assemble the owl coloring sheet, start by folding the wings page inside out, with the two colored sides facing. Next, open up the owl page. Then, apply glue to the top wing of the owl page. Take the wings page and press it against the glued wing. 

Then apply glue to the top facing wing page. Additionally, apply glue to the body and tail of the owl. Finally close the owl and press to attach.

Refold each wing down so that they match on the opposite side. Alternatively you could do a wing with an extra fold so that it bends down more at the edges.

Did you enjoy the Easy Owl Coloring Page? Looking for More Paper Crafts?

I hope you enjoyed making this easy owl coloring page craft. If you are looking for more fun paper crafts like this printable owl craft, check out my website Looking for more flying creatures? Read about how to make a beautiful dragonfly on my blog: 5 Minute Dragonfly Paper Craft. The dragonfly is one of my favorite paper crafts, you have to check it out!

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