Simplifying fraction worksheet and pop art activity

Simplifying Fraction Worksheet that is Pure Math Fun

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Reduce a Fraction with a fraction art project. This math art and craft is a fun way to explore the world of Pop Art and engage in meaningful learning about equivalent fractions. This pop art idea is inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, who used repeated imagery and bold colors. Are you ready to get your art on with this simplifying fraction worksheet?

Simplifying fraction worksheet and pop art activity
Mix math and Pop Art with this simplifying fraction worksheet

How to use the Simplifying Fraction Worksheet

Watch the video of how to use this simplifying fraction worksheet too to see how it looks or to guide students along the way.

How to prep your Math and Art Activities:

This project is a fraction craft with a Pop Art twist. Each fruit is printed 4 times on the equivalent fraction worksheet pdf.

First print out the fruit of choice, there are starfruit, oranges, and pomegranates. This math fraction worksheet can help you differentiate your lessons, as each fruit is a different degree of difficulty. Although they are varying levels of difficulty, when colored they all turn out beautifully.

Simplifying fraction worksheet that is printable.
Simplifying fraction worksheet and Pop Art Fun! Pomegranates, Starfruit and Oranges!

Easier Fraction Worksheet:

The starfruit is the most simple as it is divided into sections of 5 or 10. 

Easy to Medium Fraction Worksheet:

The orange slices come in a variety of segments up to 12. 

Harder Fraction Worksheet:

The pomegranate is the most difficult option with 36, 60, or 90 seeds total.

Choosing your Colors for the Simplifying Fraction Worksheet:

The Pop Art of Andy Warhol often showed repeating images featuring high contrasting bright colors; this simplifying fraction worksheet was designed to follow the same style.

When choosing the color palette for this pop art activity, it is helpful to look at a color wheel to find colors of high contrast, (opposite on the color wheel). A printable color wheel is included in the download.

Color your fractions:

Next, color seed segments in each pomegranate.

The star fruit and orange segments are easier as there are less sections on the inside. It is a great 4th grade fraction worksheet.

The pomegranate is designed a bit differently. The seeds are arranged into mini subsections of either 6, 10, or 15. For the pomegranate it is helpful to have students color the same number of seeds in each subsection. This will help with calculating equivalent fractions later on. When coloring the seeds purple in the video example, 5 seeds were colored in each section. This option is more challenging and may be a better fit as a grade 5 fraction worksheet.

Reduce a Fraction:

At first leave the other seeds white so that the fractions are easier to calculate. For this video I wrote fractions in a different order, but when doing this reducing fraction worksheet with students it is helpful to have students start by writing the number of a particular color over the total number of seeds. Then work on reducing the fractions afterwards. 

Pages are printable with short lines to write 4 equivalent fractions for each drawing. Pages can also be printed with one line instead of 4 to display one fraction per drawing rather than have students find multiple equivalent fractions.

Finishing the math Fraction Worksheet with a Bold Style

After each fraction is complete, the rest of the page can be colored.  

It is helpful to think about where the colors will be before finishing the project. In this example I kept the purple backgrounds on the diagonal lines so that the boxes would stand out.

I hope you had fun with this simplifying fraction worksheet, and enjoyed exploring pop art as well. Math and art and craft all rolled into one! 

If you are looking for other fun printable fraction worksheets check out my fraction garland! 

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