Cute bumble bee coloring pages that become a kindness craft.

Adorable Bumble Bee Coloring Pages that will Spread Joy

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Printable Bee Craft Template for Valentine’s Day

Bee kind, and just bee yourself, a couple of the bee puns from these bumble bee coloring pages to make others smile! Spread kindness around your neighborhood or elementary school this Valentine’s Day with this cute printable bee craft template. This craft could be used as a simple craft for valentines day or for a kindness activity for elementary schools. The great thing about these simple craft for valentine cards is that they can be printed over and over again and are hours of fun. A perfect activity when you need to keep your little ones buzzy.  

Cute bumble bee coloring pages that become a kindness craft.
One page bumble bee coloring pages to share bee puns and kindness around your neighborhood.

Bee Kind: a Kindness Challenge 

life cycle of a bumble bee printable craft
Life cycle of a bumble bee craft!

If your school or household is having a kindness challenge, these bumble bee coloring pages are a fun way to bee that person to brighten someone’s day. 😉 Most of the bee puns included are phrases that can be used at any time of year, not just for Valentine’s Day. It could also be used as an addition to a life cycle of a bumble bee unit. Whatever you’re using it for, I hope you have fun making it! I hope you love making this bumblebee paper craft

Bumblebee Paper Craft Instructions:

Watch the video too to help instruct students on how to put together this bumblebee kindness craft. 

Prepping for you Bumble Bee Coloring Pages:

First print out your bumble bee coloring pages. There are several bee puns to choose from and some blank templates as well, if you would like to make up your own puns.

Bumble Bee Puns Included:

Thank you for bee-ing a friend

Thank you for bee-ing kind

Just bee yourself

Buzzing by to say Thank you

Thank you for bee-ing here

Thank you for bee-ing amazing

You are un-bee-lieveable unbelievable 

Will you bee my Valentine?

Coloring Tip:

It is best to write messages on the bee’s wings before coloring the bee. If coloring with pencil crayons or wax crayons sometimes it is difficult to write on top afterwards. 

To add a 3d effect to the bee, color at the edges and leave a bit of white in the center.

I blended a bit of lighter yellow towards the inside as well.

Repeat the same strategy when coloring the black segments. I used a light gray on the center and black along the edges.

For the wings it is fun to blend a couple shades of blue. For this one I used a darker shade on the edges and lighter towards the inside.

How to Assemble your Bumblebee Paper Craft:

To assemble the bee, first detach the legs from the side of the bumble bee coloring pages.

Next fold the page on the dotted line. To see if it is folded along the center you can hold it up to a window or light source to double check that the lines match up.

Then cut carefully around the outside of your bumble bee paper craft.

Open the bee and add glue to the head, abdomen, and thorax, carefully avoiding the wings and antennae. 

Close the bee and fold open the wings

On the open wings, use a black marker to add thin lines around the outside.

A dotted line can also be added along the inside to match the style of the rest of the bee.

Next blend shades of blue to color the bumblebee’s wings.

It is helpful to fold the wing up, that is being colored so it can lay flat.

How to add Legs to your Bumble Bee Coloring Pages:

If attaching the legs to the bee, first cut them out roughly.

Next attach the bumblebee’s legs to a piece of cardstock or a second layer of paper to add strength to the legs.

Finally, cut each leg out carefully.

The legs can now be folded in half.

To attach the legs to the body of the bee, fold along each short dotted line and make a tiny cut. The dotted lines only appear on one side of the bee.

Repeat this step for all 3 dotted lines. 

Next, slide the legs through each hole with the feet pointing to the bumblebee’s head.

The card stock should help the bee craft stand up on its own.

Alternative Leg Option for the Bumble Bee Coloring Pages

If you are using this as a kindness craft for kindergarten, or a bee craft for preschool there is a simpler way to attach the legs onto the bee.

Instead of folding the leg segments and cutting holes in the bee, the legs can be cut in half, and glued to the side of the bee. It will not be able to stand up this way, but it’s still super cute. 

I hope you enjoyed this craft and that the bumble bee kindness craft you made helps you spread joy and smiles to those around you. 

Whether you are using this as a printable valentine card to color, to study the life cycle of a bumble bee, or just to keep you buzzy, I hope you had so much fun with these bumble bee coloring pages! Let me know what other insect crafts you would like to see next!

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