Printable Reducing Fraction Worksheet. 4 printable carrots to make a paper garland.

Easter Math Worksheet: Reduce a Fraction with a Cute Math Craft!

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I made this Easter math worksheet for students to reduce a fraction and make an adorable carrot garland all at once! If you are looking for a printable easter coloring page with a twist, this could be the paper craft fun you never knew was missing from your life! 

Printable Reducing Fraction Worksheet. 4 printable carrots to make a paper garland.
Cute reducing fraction worksheet to celebrate Easter!

Easter Math Worksheet Supplies

A simple Easter paper craft and Easter math activity that is easy to prep, and needs minimal supplies. What you need to complete this Easter math worksheet:

Carrot Coloring Page of choice


-String or Yarn

-Colored pencils or makers


The carrot garland turns out super cute when colored and can be used as a decoration around spring or easter. It is simple to prep and assemble.

Differentiated Easter Math Worksheets

First, print out the carrot coloring page of choice. The carrots are divided into triangles of 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, and the most difficult being 49. 

For a simple 4th grade fraction worksheet, print out the carrot coloring page in 4 or 9 sections. The more challenging 16, 25, 36 and 49 carrot coloring pages are a good choice for equivalent fraction worksheet grade 5, or even as a fraction worksheet for grade 6.

Printable carrot coloring page that turns into an Easter Garland paper craft.
Reduce a fraction as you build this adorable Easter paper garland.

Carrot Coloring Page With or Without Dots

The carrot coloring page can be printed out blank for students to create their own fractions, or they can be printed with a predetermined fraction, indicated by dots in the triangles.

How to Complete the Easter Math Worksheet:

Color the Reducing Fraction Worksheet

The first step is to color in the triangles with dots, or if using a blank template pick how many triangles to color. 

Next write down the fraction that was created in the center carrot leaf. 

Reduce a Fraction

Next, reduce a fraction! If the fraction can be reduced, write the equivalent fractions on the smaller side leaves. 

Fractions could also be made bigger, if students wanted to fill all 3 leaves but cannot reduce the fraction.

Once students are confident with their answers, they can trace over the numbers in marker. This will help their answers stand out once the carrot is colored. Simply repeat these steps for each carrot.

Color the Math Fraction Worksheet

Finally students can color the rest of their math fraction worksheet.

Encourage students to pick an orange or yellow that is different enough from their first color so that they will be able to easily see their fraction. 

To make the carrot leaves look more dynamic, invite students to blend multiple shades of green for the leaves.

For this example I made a garland with 4 carrots. To do this students will need to complete 2 carrot pages, as each page makes 2 carrots. 

Click to watch full instructions on how to make the Easter carrot fraction craft.

Assembling the Easter Paper Craft Garland

To assemble the Easter paper craft garland, start by folding along the dotted line. It helps to hold the carrot coloring page up to the window or light to see that both sides match up before cutting.

Next, cut out each carrot. Leaving a bit of white on all sides while cutting will make it easier.

When cutting out the carrot, remind students to leave the top carrot leaf attached, this will make assembling the carrot easier. If a student accidentally cuts the top and separates the 2 sides, the carrots can be reattached with a stapler or tape to help them stay on the string. 

Then, cut a piece of string or yarn, long enough for the number of carrots made.

Finally, open each carrot and add glue to one side of the page. Then fold the carrot around the string to attach.

Easter Math Worksheet Tips:

To help center your carrots on the string, start by folding the string in half to find them middle. Then place your first carrot just off to one side of the middle. Then repeat on the other side of the middle. This will help the carrots be centered on the string.

Finally your carrot garland is complete! I hope you had fun with this easter math worksheet. Click the image below to get your Carrot Fraction Garland!

Want More Fraction Craft Ideas?

If you are looking for another math fraction worksheet that is also a math and art integration check out my blog on a POP ART Fraction Craft, or if you love building garlands check out the Orange Garland Fraction Craft!

To see all my resources check out: Draw Calm for my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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