Printable christmas math activity of a paper garland of winter trees divided into 100 squares. The front of the tree is a grid and the back shows fractions and decimal values for each color shown on the front.

Christmas Math Activity: Spark Joy for Fractions this Holiday Season

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Today will show you how to create this Christmas Math Activity of a winter tree garland. They are Christmas printable color sheets that focus on how to convert fractions to decimals. Be sure to download your copy of this Christmas printable activity using the link below to follow along.

This Christmas math coloring page is a great option for reviewing decimals in 5th grade. These decimal worksheets are also a great option as 4th grade Christmas Math Worksheets. It is helpful to have fun kids Christmas printable activities that are educational during this busy time of year.

Printable paper garland of winter trees divided into 100 squares. The front of the tree is a grid and the back shows fractions and decimal values for each color shown on the front.
Make an adorable paper tree garland with this Christmas math activity.

Supplies for Christmas Math Activity

This Christmas math activity can be completed with just a few supplies:

-Downloadable Fraction and Decimal Worksheet

(Also Available on TPT: Fraction and Decimal Worksheet)



-Colored Markers or Colored Pencils

Fractions to Decimals Worksheet Printing Options

The blank template of this winter activity sheet can be printed with 3 trees per page, as 1 large tree or 2 per page.

Winter trees can be printed with predetermined fractions with a denominator of 100. Alternatively these Christmas Printable color sheets can be printed with reduced fractions or with decimals.

I will walk you through the slight variations of using each conversion of fractions to decimals worksheet.

Completing the Blank Template

To complete the blank template option of this Christmas printable activity, start by selecting 4 colors for the tree design.

Next color the Christmas printable color sheets using the selected colors. 

Once the front of the tree is complete, color the squares on the back of the tree to display the colors chosen. Then count the number of squares colored on the front of the tree and record it as a fraction on the back. Repeat this step for all 4 colors sections on this Christmas math activity.

Finally convert the fraction value into a decimal. 

Completing Worksheet with Predetermined Fractions

If starting with predetermined values, the steps to completing this kids Christmas printable are done in a slightly different order.

If using the worksheet with predetermined fractions, select the 4 colors for the tree design. Then, color the indicated value shown by the fraction on the back of the tree. 

Tip: For Christmas math worksheets where the fraction or decimal value is predetermined, there will always be a value equal to 6 squares so that the trunk of the tree can be colored all in the same color. Lastly, convert the fractions to decimals.

Fractions Worksheets with an Extra Challenge

Looking for math 5th grade decimal worksheets with an added challenge? The fractions to decimals worksheet with predetermined simplified fractions is completed in a similar way. The added challenge is that it is trickier to convert the simplified fractions into decimal values. Find the decimal value first, as it will help with calculating how many squares to color for each color section.

Completing Christmas Math Activity with Predetermined Decimals

For the Christmas math activity with predetermined decimals, first convert the decimal values to equivalent fractions with a denominator of 100. Lastly, continue to choose the 4 colors and complete the design for your winter activity sheet. 

Printable christmas math activity of a paper garland of winter trees divided into 100 squares. The front of the tree is a grid and the back shows fractions and decimal values for each color shown on the front.
Adorable changing fractions to decimals worksheet.

Christmas Math Activity: Decimals Worksheets with an Added Challenge

Are you a pro with decimals in 5th grade? Try this added challenge. Display the values in this fractions to decimals worksheet as simplified fraction values for an added challenge.

Assembling the Tree Garland Christmas Math Activity

Complete one Christmas printable activity page to make a tree garland with three trees. Alternatively complete multiple Christamas printable color sheets to make a larger tree garland. A longer garland also means extra fraction and decimal practice!

Now it’s time to assemble the garland.

First fold the Christmas math coloring page in half. Hold the folded coloring page up to the light to ensure that the two sides line up. Face the front of the tree towards yourself and then carefully cut around the edge of the tree. Keep the tree attached at the top fold line.

Next, cut a piece of string long enough for your trees to hang on. Then fold the string in the middle to mark the center. Open each tree and apply glue to one half. Then carefully slide one side under the string and press to close. If using an odd number of trees, place the first tree in the center to help with organizing the trees evenly on the string.

Repeat until all completed trees are attached.

I hope you enjoyed making your tree garland and practicing your fraction and decimal conversions. Watch the youtube video for full instructions on how to complete this winter activity sheet. Subscribe to my channel to keep these video instructions handy and to be the first to know when a new craft comes along!

A Christmas math coloring page is a great way to review concepts taught at school or to get a good introduction so that your child feels confident when exploring conversions of fractions to decimals when they explore them at school

Watch Video Instructions on Youtube Channel

Looking for Another Changing Fraction to Decimals Worksheet

If your child enjoyed this Christmas math coloring page and you are looking for more ways to explore math learning over the holidays check out these crafts. This winter activity sheet is the next step up in difficulty.

Medium Challenge

Check out my blog post: Fuzzy Mittens to Master Math to learn how to make this Christmas Printable Activity! They are adorable mittens. This decimals worksheet involves using 6 colors. String the left and right mitten together to complete this decimals worksheet. It is cozy adorable! Find the Activity here: Cozy Math Mittens.

Super Challenge

The biggest fractions to decimals worksheet challenge is the Toque Christmas Math Coloring Page! The pompom, cuff, and body of the toque create separate math questions. This changing fractions to decimals worksheet offers more math challenges. Check out the blog post to learn more: Cute Winter Themed Toque.

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