Printable mitten decimals to fractions worksheet. The front shows a grid of 100 or 200 squares for a pattern to be created. The back has a spot to represent values in fractions and decimals.

Decimals to Fractions Worksheet: Fuzzy Mittens to help you Master Math

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This decimals to fractions worksheet is a cute mitten craft. It is a fun project to review how to convert fractions to decimals. The front of the mitten decimals worksheet has a pattern made up of 6 colors and on the back is the decimal and fraction value represented by each color.

These decimal and fraction worksheets are a great way to review decimals in 5th grade. If you are looking for fun math 5th grade decimal worksheets these adorable mittens may be the thing for you!

It is helpful if students have some prior knowledge of changing fraction to decimals before doing this activity.

Printable mitten decimals to fractions worksheet. The front shows a grid of 100 or 200 squares for a pattern to be created. The back has a spot to represent values in fractions and decimals.
Learn how to make this adorable decimals to fraction worksheet.

Materials needed for Mitten Math Craft

-Download the Decimals to Fractions Worksheet

-Also available on TPT: Mitten Decimals Worksheets

-Colored Markers or Pencil Crayons



-Short piece of String, Yarn or Ribbon

-Hole Punch (for the 200 square option)

Printing Options for Decimals to Fractions Worksheet

Blank Mitten Option

The mittens fraction & decimals worksheets can be printed out with a blank template. The mittens come with either 100 squares or 200 squares for an added challenge.

Mittens come with a right and a left template option.

A printable decimals worksheet to make paper mittens with calculations on the back and patterns on the front.
Create unique patterns for each of the decimals worksheets.

Convert Decimal to Fraction OR Convert Fraction to Decimal

Decimals to fraction worksheet can be printed with a predetermined decimal value or with a fraction value. The fractions come with a denominator of 100 or 200 depending on the design chosen. 

There is also a version that comes with a simplified fraction for an added challenge.

In this video below, I will show you how to complete both the 100 square mitten and the 200 square mitten.

Blank Option 100

Coloring the Mitten

For the first fraction and decimal worksheet, I am starting with a 100 square mitten.

First, pick 6 colors for your mitten design. Then, shade the 6 boxes on the back of the mitten with your color choices. Next, create a pattern by coloring the squares on the front of the mitten. Once the pattern is complete it is time to make the calculations.

Calculations for Fractions to Decimals Worksheet

Start by filling out the cuff section of the mitten. Write what one square value would be as a fraction and as a decimal. The fraction is 1/100 and the decimal value is 0.01. Calculating the value of one square will help with the next step.

Next, calculate the value of each color by counting the total number of boxes of that color on the front of the mitten. Then write that number as the numerator and write 100 as the denominator. Lastly, convert the fraction into a decimal value.

Repeat these steps for each of the 6 colors.

Convert Fractions to Decimals

For the right mitten in the video, I am using a template that comes with a predetermined fraction value. For this example first convert the fractions to decimals. Then decide on 6 colors for the design. Color the predetermined value for each color when making the mitten design.

Assembling the Mitten

First fold the mitten page in half.

Next cut carefully around the outside of the mitten. Tip: Cut with the design side facing you. The two sides can be slightly off from each other when folded. By facing the front of the mitten up it will ensure that the front side looks the most precise.

Then cut a piece of string or yarn to attach the left and right mitten together.

Tie the string around the loop on the side of each mitten.

Lastly, open the mitten and apply glue, then close the mitten.

Blank Option 200 Mitten

Create a Pattern for your Mitten

The next fractions to decimals worksheet is the 200 square mitten. This worksheet option is great for students wanting a bigger challenge.

First, color the mitten pattern. Color the boxes on the back of the mitten to match the 6 colors chosen for the pattern. 


Calculate the value of one square and represent it as a fraction and a decimal. For the mitten with 200 squares the value is 1/200 and 0.005. 

Next, count the colored squares in the pattern and represent the value as a fraction. Then convert each fraction into a decimal value.

For an additional challenge, have students practice simplifying fractions. First have them write the fraction in the color boxes on the back of the mitten. Next reduce the fraction where possible and record it beside. Check out the video to see this option in action!

Decimal to Fraction Conversions

For decimals to fractions worksheet with a predetermined decimal value, have students convert the decimal to a fraction to find out how many squares to color for each section. Have them set the denominator to 200. 

Fraction to Decimal Conversions

For fractions to decimals worksheet with a predetermined simplified fraction, have students convert the fraction to a decimal value. Next, have them calculate the equivalent fraction with a denominator of 200 and write it in the boxes on the back. It is helpful for students to figure out what the fraction would be with 100 as a denominator and then mentally double the value for a fraction with 200 as the denominator.

Decimals to Fractions Worksheet: Assemble the Mitten

Lastly is assembling the fraction and decimal worksheet. The 200 square mitten is assembled almost identically to the 100 square mitten with a couple modifications.

First, fold the mitten page in half and cut carefully around the outside. 

Next, punch a hole in the corner of each cuff.

Then, open the mitten and apply glue and close each mitten. 

Cut a piece of string to attach the 2 mittens together. 

Finally, loop the string around the hole created in each mitten and tie to secure the string.

I hope you enjoyed this fraction and decimal worksheet and creating these adorable mitten pairs. 

More Decimals and Fractions Crafts

Did you enjoy this decimals to fractions worksheet? If you are looking for more ways to have fun with decimals in 5th grade check out the Cute Winter Themed Toque. The toque takes how to convert fractions to decimals one step farther. The toque is divided into 3 sections adding an added element to calculations.

If you are looking for a fun fraction only activity that is adorable and sweet, check out the post on how to make a Watermelon Fraction Garland. This garland is the cutest thing when complete and a fun way to introduce fractions.

If you are looking for more fun fraction math crafts check out my store 

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