Simple step by step how to draw a bunny. Showing a bunny eating a large carrot.

Step by Step How to Draw a Bunny: Celebrate with Simple Kids Easter Activities


Today I am going to show you step by step how to draw a bunny eating a carrot. This is a cute little bunny holding an oversized carrot in its lap. If you are looking for how to draw a bunny easy and cute, this one directed drawing of a series of three kids easter […]

Teacher showing 8 fun images for drawing day of the dead. Drawing instructions made by draw calm.

Drawing Day of the Dead: Learn Mexican Traditions through Fun Art Projects


Drawing Day of the Dead to learn about Mexican Culture I love celebrating Dia de Los Muertos; I love drawing the Day of the Dead as a way to celebrate and learn about this tradition. There are so many beautiful things to draw from Papel Picado to La Catrina and Sugar Skulls. Students love learning […]

Directed drawings of a penguin, a snowman, a gingerbread house, and a Christmas tree are each paired with writing prompt for Christmas.

Writing Prompt for Christmas: 10 Fun Winter Ideas for 2nd Grade

Directed Drawings

Using a fun writing prompt for Christmas inspires great stories from your students! Students are excited to celebrate and talk about the things that they see around them and to build new vocabulary. It is fun using seasonal writing prompts with my 2nd and 1st graders. I love reading all their winter stories. In this […]

Teacher showing simple memorial day art and craft of a poppy.

Memorial Day Art and Craft Activity for Elementary Students

Directed Drawings

Memorial Day Art and Craft A Memorial Day art and craft is a great activity to do leading up to Memorial Day, or up here in Canada, Remembrance Day. It is an important time for students to learn about peace and history.  Doing a simple art activity enables students some time to reflect about stories […]

Simple turkey directed draw for kids that comes with a starter shape for students.

Step by Step Turkey Directed Draw: Delightful Thanksgiving Drawing Activity


Turkey Directed Draw Turkey Directed Draw is a fun easy art activity to do during fall festivities. I love all the festivities in the fall. I love seeing all the crazy types of chickens at fall fairs with their fancy feathers. Seeing all the massive pumpkins and amazing skills of local crafters is a so […]

Directed drawing for kids of a bat.

5 Engaging Writing Prompts for Halloween: Fun in 2nd Grade!


Writing Prompts for Halloween Writing Prompts for Halloween are a fun way to engage young learners in building vocabulary. They can write about fun fall topics. For young students, Halloween can be scary but there are lots of fun and not so scary things to draw as well.  Introducing Vocabulary with Writing Prompts for Halloween […]

Easy fall directed drawings to pair with writing prompts for 2nd grade

Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade : Easy to Organize Program


Writing Prompts for 2nd Grade Quality writing prompts for 2nd grade are essential in organizing your writing program. Students’ individuality and personalities shine through in their writing and drawing. Journals take some time to set up. Build a routine slowly that students love so that they can feel confident in their abilities as writers. Finished […]

teacher explains creative way to use Ladybug directed drawings for kids

Directed Draw for Kids: 5 Creative Ways to use Them


Directed Draw for kids can be so much more than a 10-minute filler activity that you do once and a while when you want to squeeze a bit of art into the day.  Why First Grade Drawing is Important I began designing simple directed drawings that young students could follow independently and feel successful at. […]

Teacher showing art supplies needed to build confidence through using directed drawings in first grade.

Why Directed Drawings for First Grade is so Important


Do these words sound familiar to you? “I can’t draw!” or “My drawing looks bad.” Perhaps this is something you have heard your students say. Maybe this phrase is something you tell yourself? It is how I always felt as a student, and why directed drawings for first grade is so important. How Directed Drawings […]

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